Renaud Dejarnac


© Renaud Dejarnac

Behind the lens

Renaud Dejarnac is a passionate, self-taught photographer from south of France, who currently lives in Prague, Czech Republic, since 2004. Specialized in street photography and urban landscape, he gets his inspirations from black and white cinematic genres and from the various atmospheres met during his travels or in his everyday life in Prague, where a strong cultural and historical heritage from the past is still present. Programmed meetings or fortuitous encounters, made during his urban roaming, are very often the source of beautiful portraits. He is an enthusiastic observer of the surrounding world. When possible, he is looking for the best light, for the right angle at the right moment to capture a particular, stealthy moment. However, he believes that the unpredictable side of photography and its (un)conscious interpretation, summarized in his photographic series, depict the essence of his work.

He uses either digital or analog mediums according to subjects he wants to picture.