Price list

- All prints are original editions limited to 15 or 30 pieces maximum -


Print 30x45 cm: from 1500,- Kč (or 55,- EUR)

Print 40x60 cm: from 2100,- Kč (or 80,- EUR)

Print 50x75 cm: from 2800,- Kč (or 110,- EUR)

Print 60x90 cm: from 3800,- Kč (or 145,- EUR)

- indicative prices for digital prints on HP premium photographic paper (260 g/m^2) with an anti-reflection / anti-UV lamination to protect the pigments.

- the paper type can be changed : canvas or 100% cotton Hahnemühle (c) baryta (315 g/m^2) paper.

- Renaud Dejarnac's photographs can also be framed with Nielsen (c) frames [we suggest a marouflage on a 10 mm Kapa support].



For editorial / corporate / private shooting, price on request :

Renaud Dejarnac Photography (c) is a self-employed business registered in the Czech Republic under the number IČ 04292928.

Frozen Mount Buzludza

                      Large print (60 x 90 cm) with anti-reflection / anti-UV lamination and marouflage on a 10 mm thick Kapa support embedded in a metallic Nielsen (c) frame. 

Spirit of Japan #9 & Nipponshi-dori #4

                                                                                                                                 Small prints (18 x 27 cm) on 100% cotton Hahnemühle (c) baryta paper.