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During my daytime "urban roaming" in various cities, I let myself be guided by the stream of life carried by local inhabitants and try to capture its fragile energy in one click. I mainly focus on the persons who are close to me at some point in space and in time. I work with a small analog camera which has the advantage to keep me fully concentrated on my subjects, on the circumstances, and to make me invisible. This allows me to be close to them and to better relay the emotion I felt at that particular moment. This photographic series represents a life reportage in our modern, urban environment. The monochrome tone of the photos makes them timeless. (series in progress) R. Dejarnac (c).

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> Street Strolling

or What keeps us moving? ----- Everybody has his own story, his own goals in life. We, as city residents, are constantly in a relative motion with respect to each other without paying attention to our neighbors because there is no connection between us. However, at a given moment and for a very brief instant the time stops and our lives become entangled, creating esthetic scenes. This state does not last long and few seconds later people have vanished. Behind the street corner or through an open door. But to go where? And for which purpose? The beauty of this mystery is that nobody can ever answer these questions. These photographs are moments captured while strolling on the streets of various cities in the world during my travels. Furtive moments, appearing within few seconds and disappearing almost immediately after clicking the shutter, like they never existed. Photos in color only. (series in progress) R. Dejarnac (c).

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