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Bulgarian Balkans, October 1st, 2013. I was walking for some time now, following an icy road running through a dense forest to reach the windy, treeless part of this white mountain. Alone with my guide. The weather was unusually cold for this part of the season, even at an altitude of 1400 m. The cold wind was burning our lungs, the heavy fog was reducing the visibility to minimum distances, making our progression difficult... when I bumped into something not natural. A human construction. In the middle of nowhere. It might be it. It must be it. Yes. The gate is here, discovering giants stairs disappearing in the cold mist. It has been here for several decades. The visibility is getting worse and worse but I have to reach it. Is it still far? Climbing the stairs one by one with difficulties, protecting my face from the glacial wind, when suddenly the fog cracked and it appeared above me. A dark and impressive shadow in the whiteness. Like a gigantic UFO. The surprise made me step back and I stopped for a while, my heart wildly beating. The monument of peak Buzludja, the abandoned house of the Bulgarian communist party. I am welcome by what remains from the popular socialist anthem 'The Internationale' written in old Bulgarian around the main entrance. Going around it, I realize the giantism of the construction, composed of a large congress hall and a 70 m high rectangular tower ornamented at its top with the symbol of communism, two huge (12 m) red stars on each side. The entire monument is imprisoned in ice, symbol of an abandoned ideology. However, I have the feeling that it can wake up at any time. I am alone here but I see shadows around me. Most probably the fog passing in front of the surrounding trees. I also hear crying voices... maybe the souls of the 7500 Bulgarian and Russian soldiers who defeated more than 35000 Ottoman in a bloody battle 150 years ago. Most probably the wind that rushes into the narrow corridors and along the concrete walls. Or maybe not. Whatever you might think, the energy I felt at the top of this mountain that day was strong. The extreme conditions maybe amplified this feeling but I know that I will remember it all my life. Hopefully I can share it a little bit with you through these photographs. This monument was build at the top of the peak Buzludja (Turkish: Buzluca - lit. meaning "glacially/icy") to commemorate the founder of the Bulgarian communist party, Dimitar Blagoev, and other comrades who assembled secretly there in 1891 to form an organised movement. The place was chosen because it was where the final battle between Bulgarian rebels and the Ottoman Empire occurred in 1868. After 7 years of construction by more than 6000 workers and at the cost of an enormous amount of money, the monument was opened in 1981. It now falls into disuse since the fall of the regime in 1989. There are plenty of such monuments that remain from the communist past in Bulgaria and the government does not know what to do with them. Should them be destroyed or renovated and preserved? The question continues to feed the debate between pro- and anti-communists in the whole country. R. Dejarnac (c) 2013.

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> People

People: humans making up a group or assembly or linked by a common interest. Portraits of people in a studio, stolen portraits in the streets or catching a specific moment of one - or a group of - person(s) is what I want to show here. Behind each photograph of this series, there is a story. I love meeting with people, discussing, sharing experiences, listening to stories and anectodes... or just observing them. The main reward in these encounters is a learning process, enriching my knowledge. Everybody has something to say, to show, to teach... one just needs to listen and to watch. (series in progress) R. Dejarnac (c).

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> Praga Mater Urbium

The first time I came to Prague, I was amazed by its beauty but what strikes me the most is that every day, even after living more than 10 years in this city, I am still astonished when walking around. The warmth of the northern light combined with the rich architecture makes some moments just magical. I just want here to give back to Prague what Prague is giving me everyday for so many years and to share with you, the Prague inhabitants and people who never visited Prague, the vision I have of one of the most beautiful cities in the world, the mother of cities. (series in progress) R. Dejarnac (c).

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> Incessant Immobility

Billions of photos are posted, liked and shared everyday on the internet and social media websites. But such a huge flow of images prevents us to remember if only a single one. Same process occurs in our every day lives, we are bombarded by a constant flow of news, advertisements, games, reality shows so that our faculty of judgment is threatened by this continuous turmoil and therefore by lack of time for proper thinking or reading authors. The photographs presented here are empty. Empty as a striking photograph that we have seen yesterday among millions of others. Simply because we cannot remember it. Our short term memory is constantly erased, rewritten by incoming new images. (series in progress) R. Dejarnac (c).

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> Errances Urbaines

During my daytime "urban roaming" in various cities, I let myself be guided by the stream of life carried by local inhabitants and try to capture its fragile energy in one click. I mainly focus on the persons who are close to me at some point in space and in time. I work with a small analog camera which has the advantage to keep me fully concentrated on my subjects, on the circumstances, and to make me invisible. This allows me to be close to them and to better relay the emotion I felt at that particular moment. This photographic series represents a life reportage in our modern, urban environment. The monochrome tone of the photos makes them timeless. (series in progress) R. Dejarnac (c).

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> Street Strolling

or What keeps us moving? ----- Everybody has his own story, his own goals in life. We, as city residents, are constantly in a relative motion with respect to each other without paying attention to our neighbors because there is no connection between us. However, at a given moment and for a very brief instant the time stops and our lives become entangled, creating esthetic scenes. This state does not last long and few seconds later people have vanished. Behind the street corner or through an open door. But to go where? And for which purpose? The beauty of this mystery is that nobody can ever answer these questions. These photographs are moments captured while strolling on the streets of various cities in the world during my travels. Furtive moments, appearing within few seconds and disappearing almost immediately after clicking the shutter, like they never existed. Photos in color only. (series in progress) R. Dejarnac (c).

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